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Jaw crusher in the size adjustment device (b)

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Date: 2018-06-25

Jaw crusher is a familiar mechanical equipment used for ore crushing. Jaw crusher is often used for coarse crushing of ore, and it is the first level crushing in gravel production line. In the process of crushing ore and ore, Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment. Here Joyal continued to talk to you about how the jaw crusher controls the size of the material.

The jaw crusher can also adjust the grain size of the jaw crusher by an electronically controlled adjustment mechanism. With this mechanism, the jaw crusher can be adjusted and tested very quickly and efficiently. It is possible to use the change of the stroke during the micro-circulation acquisition so that the adjustment mechanism automatically recovers the stress sensing. This is also the main method of jaw crusher adjustment.

Moreover, the method of crushing ore of jaw crusher will be more and more accurate in controlling particle size progression. After the initial cycle of the cycle, its adjustment will gradually increase, and finally reach equilibrium. Through the hydraulic control of the balanced torsion bar, the opening degree of the seesaw can be driven, thereby avoiding the repeated operation of the jaw crusher to a certain extent, and improving the output of the jaw crusher also has a certain effect.

Jaw crusher has a variety of ways to control the size of the material,Joyal reminds you should choose the jaw crusher for your own according to their actual situation to adjust the size of the material, in the jaw crusher crushing ore process, The operator of the crusher needs to flexibly grasp the flexible adjustment of the particle size of the jaw crusher and ensure the normal operation of the jaw crusher.

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