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Roller Crusher spindle fracture problem

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Date: 2018-07-02

The roller crusher is a familiar machine for the crushing processing of ore. It has a large crushing ratio and can be used for the crushing of many different ores. It is the crushing operation of ore. Indispensable for the critical crushing equipment, the main shaft acts as a power transmission and support roller on the roller crusher. If any problems occur with the main shaft, it will cause the equipment to malfunction and stop operating.

We all know that for the roller crusher, the importance of the spindle, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here to remind users to pay attention to the problem of the main shaft of the roller crusher fracture, then what causes these pairs Roller crusher spindle fracture problem? After the calculation of the strength of the roller crusher, the strength and durability of the spindle will not be able to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Especially when the iron is used, the bending stress increases the dangerous section and exceeds the material. The bending limit occurs so that the spindle section occurs.

When the roller crusher is in operation, the spring pressure is not enough. When the harder material is broken, vibration will occur on the roller crusher. The size of the spring pressure has a direct relationship with the use of the roller crusher and the cost of manufacture. If the spring pressure is too low, the roll crusher will have a low yield, a coarse product size, and serious mechanical damage.

On the contrary, if the spring pressure of the roller crusher is excessive during the crushing of the ore, the material will be improved and the weight of the machine will be increased to increase the production cost. Therefore, when the spring pressure of the roller crusher is too small, the crushing force of the crushing ore cannot be generated, so that the upper part of the roller crusher vibrates and the main shaft breaks.

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