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The problem brittle fracture of jaw crusher

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Date: 2017-09-25

Jaw crusher is often used in the processing of ore a mechanical equipment, jaw crusher in the gravel production line is mainly used for the rough ore, is a very important processing equipment. It is because the jaw crusher is used for crushing large pieces of ore machinery and equipment, so jaw crusher in many cases there will be jaw crusher parts of the serious wear and tear situation. In order to reduce the jaw crusher wear, jaw crusher manufacturing is very particular about.

E-type crusher in the production process has cast steel shell and welding shell, and sometimes special customers, in the case of demand and in short supply only to take the welding process, of course, in the welding process, the new jaw crusher welding Craftsmanship and quality are the most worrying issues for customers. Joyal and we talk about the cause of jaw crusher brittle fracture of the reasons.

Gravel machine manufacturers to buy materials, low toughness, lack of toughness of materials, especially in the new jaw crusher at the tip of the micro-plastic deformation of the material is poor, so that the plastic deformation process of materials severely blocked, the material can not be deformed but Separation of welding to adapt to the external stress, so that the material brittle fracture; jaw crusher welding structure welding joint welding defects exist, weld and heat affected area prone to various defects.

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