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hydraulic system maintenance for hydraulic cone crusher

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Date: 2017-10-09

Cone crusher is often used in gravel, cement and mineral processing areas such as gravel equipment, cone crusher hydraulic system is a unique point in the cone crusher, is different from other oil crusher machinery and equipment key. Of course, the hydraulic system is also a key part of the cone crusher, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about the cone crusher hydraulic system maintenance content which are included.

As the cone crusher is often outdoor processing operations, cone crusher in the course of the operation, the air will inevitably appear dust, so to strengthen the dust removal work should prevent dust, moisture and other debris into the machine inside; Also need to pay attention to the regular replacement of hydraulic crusher hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil used for too long, it is likely to be contaminated, in order to ensure its performance unchanged, we must regularly replace the hydraulic oil. In addition, when adding hydraulic oil must be a special filter, the amount of oil should be appropriate.

Cone Crusher Before starting the operation of crushing ores, the original, piping, etc. systems require rigorous cleaning to replace and repair worn parts. In order to avoid access to other foreign matter in the tank crusher, it is best to use a closed Fuel tank device, and in the entrance out of the configuration has a certain accuracy of the air filter.

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