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How to do after the jaw crusher spindle wears?

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Date: 2017-10-23

(Jaw crusher) is commonly used in the processing of ore crushing equipment, jaw crusher crushing ratio and can be used for a variety of high hardness of the ore crushing process, in the ore processing operations, very much loved by everyone Processing of ore processing equipment.

Jaw crusher is broken ore processing machinery and equipment, in the jaw crusher broken ore process, will also be the reaction of ore, resulting in jaw crusher parts of the wear and tear, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we say What should do if the jaw crusher spindle wears?

Jaw crusher spindle wear, to remove the old tile, remove the old tile before the work 1. Measure the thickness of the old bearing surface tile surface gasket; 2. Measure the level of the spindle 3. Carefully check whether the spindle is smooth, , Bumps and other defects, if the idea should be eliminated. 4. Measure the top gap, backlash, and axial clearance of the old tile.

Should be based on the axis of the bearing on the scratch, the two after the use of internal scraper scraping. The order of the tile should be the first tile to scratch, and then scratch the tile, and then fine scraping the entire tile, and finally scraping side of the gap and the oil point. The grinding of the bearing can be divided into coarse scraping, fine scraping and fine grinding.

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