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Tips of ore crusher welding

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Date: 2017-10-30

Jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and cone crusher and other ore crushing and processing equipment, is the gravel production line in the crushing of ore commonly used several processing equipment. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the ore crusher wear problems.

Ore crusher is used for the crushing of ore machinery and equipment, in the process of ore crusher broken ore, there will be no problem of machine parts wear and tear, in the maintenance process, welding maintenance is the most energy efficient and rapid method.

The user should pay attention to the welding should be thoroughly cleaned before the ore crusher to weld the site; heat welding effect is better than cold welding, so the main parts of the welding, when possible, as far as possible the use of thermal welding (pre-heating parts to 100 ~ 700 ℃, and then welding).

Welding, in the case of conditions, should be used to cover the welding, which will have a great advantage of welding quality, and is conducive to operation, ore crusher maintenance users need to regularly check.

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