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Tips of ore crusher welding(b)

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Date: 2017-11-06

(Ore crusher) is used for crushing ore materials processing machinery and equipment, common high hardness ore, such as granite and other ore hardness is very high, ore crusher in the crushing of ore, the machine parts will be subject to a certain Wear problem.

Once the parts of the ore crusher are worn out, it is necessary to repair or replace the damaged parts of the ore crusher in time. The repair of wear and tear of the parts of ore crusher generally adopts the method of welding, and the Shanghai Joyal Machinery continued to be added here.

Ore crusher parts in the welding process should pay attention to the size of the electrode diameter and current should be based on the thickness of the weldment, the surrounding temperature and the location of the welding to choose, the welding rod type should be based on welding materials and related technical requirements to choose .

Using high-current welding, can improve the quality of welding, but also to speed up. But it can not be too large, sometimes it needs a little current. General current is too large, the electrode core overheating, coating off prematurely, increase splashing and burning, reduce the stability of the arc, the weld forming difficult.

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