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Joyal Sand Dryer Machine for Sale

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Date: 2014-09-22

We can provide  good quality equipment to exploitation of coal, stone mine, and nonmetals. This will greatly satisfy the energy and resource demands for economical development. Facing with the new situation, sand dryer machine enterprises actively develop innovative independent technology.

DSC03801Sand production line is also known as sand and gravel production line; it is mainly composed of Jaw crusher, sand making machine, Vibrating screen, Sand washing machine, and belt conveyor. Sand maker is new crusher uniquely combining stone at stone and stone at iron principle, making sand making production lines more efficient and lower cost. According to the diminishing status of the natural sand, our company develops the sand making machine, dedicated to the production of artificial sand, with advantages of refined grain shape, adjustable fineness modulus and low cost. Using Impact crusher machine  for secondary crushing and the Sand maker for shaping can avoid the drawbacks of bad size in separately using back-breaking, having advantages of small wear, good product size, simple maintenance, low running costs, especially for crushing high hardness stone such as granite and basalt.

We believe that our sand dryer machineindustry will be further developed and improved. All walks of life should accelerate economic transformation and advocates to transform high pollution, They design and manufacture energy-saving crushers to lower down pollution in other industries.

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