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Mechanical analysis of material crushing (2)

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Date: 2021-06-17

The rotary disc crusher uses the material layer to crush, the material block is subjected to omni-directional extrusion, and produces the impact effect between the material layers and the impact orientation of the moving cone on the material. The material has a certain degree of compactness and meets the requirements of gradually increasing the crushing force, so that this type of crusher can achieve selective crushing to a greater extent.

If the traditional cone crusher can adopt the rotating distributor, the correct control of the feed can also achieve selective crushing to a certain extent.

For traditional compound pendulum jaw crushers, if the structure and motion characteristics are not changed, it is difficult to achieve selective crushing only by improving the cavity shape and its motion parameters. Therefore, in the early years, the German Humboldt Company developed an impact jaw crusher with an impact speed of up to 500~1200r/min. It has also been trial-produced in China, and it has not been promoted. Inertial vibration jaw crusher can basically achieve selective crushing, but it has not been widely used.

Impact crushing can achieve selective crushing. At the moment when the impact crushing starts, a stress wave is generated inside the particles, which quickly propagates to the four directions, and stress concentration occurs in internal defects, cracks, and grain interfaces, which prompt the particles to break along these fragile surfaces first. Like existing impact crushers, such as impact crushers and vertical shaft impact crushers, impact crushers are very advanced and promising equipment from the perspective of material crushing mechanism. But this kind of crusher has a relatively low life of wearing parts, which has always been an important factor hindering its rapid development.

Using the research results of the selective crushing method, a new process can be established to make various specifications and sizes of crushers, which can crush extremely high-strength materials without excessive pulverization of crystal grains, so as to achieve a working cycle, with the smallest Power and energy consumption to get a high crushing ratio.

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