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Mobile construction waste crushing plant to build high-quality living environment

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Date: 2013-03-07

In recent years, the development pace of China’s urbanization, industrialization, construction, construction of all types of buildings, structures, construction, demolition, renovation and residents decorated houses in the residual sludge, residue, mud and other debris to form a large amount of construction waste.  As the shortcomings of traditional landfill methods emerging, is no longer as reasonable disposal of construction waste, and construction waste minimization, zero-pollution urban environment green development, in order to achieve this goal, building waste processing equipment was born with it.

Practice has proved that the birth of the building waste processing equipment, not only effectively alleviate the urban environmental pollution crisis, and processing of construction waste recycled aggregates made of resources were also provided to urban construction and development of power. For better, and more convenient of address building garbage pollution brings of plagued and better of service green building, Shanghai Loyal mine machinery limited immediately research and development production has efficient energy-saving of moved type building garbage broken station, used moved broken screening technology, currently the technology products comprehensive utilization of rate has reached 95% above, and flexible easy scene processing, does not on air pavement caused II times pollution and effective savings cost, advantage. Proven, mobile construction waste treatment equipment recycling enterprises, can be truly the building waste is taken from this, used in this, realize energy saving and emission reduction, construction waste reduction, recycling and harmless treatment, reaching the “zero” emissions.

construction wasteMobile construction waste processing equipment—mobile crushing plant is based on the main processes of the sand and gravel processing, reasonable design, implement integrated combination of crushing and screening equipment, through in-car systems or tracked drive system, achieve the overall function of moving jobs, can select construction sites in a flexible, timely handling of materials, greatly reduce the transport costs of materials, improving production efficiency. Asian production of construction waste processing equipment in the country has started of construction waste to treasure, make very good improvements in the environment in major cities.

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