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What are the common models of iron ore crushers?

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Date: 2020-09-05

Iron ore is a naturally occurring non-ferrous metal ore. The raw material of iron ore is processed by crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, gravity separation and other processes to remove impurities and select iron, so it is an important raw material for steel production. At present, there are many types of mine crushers on the market. What are the commonly used models of iron ore crushers that complete the crushing operation? Today, the editor will introduce to you.

Iron ore belongs to metal ore, with high hardness and greater wear on the machine during crushing. Therefore, we generally choose the configuration of jaw crusher + cone crusher. The jaw crusher has simple structure, reliable work, and is responsible for coarse crushing. Processing, reduce the particle size of the material, and facilitate subsequent crushing processing; the cone crusher is responsible for secondary crushing, suitable for mineral processing and building materials production lines, and can be said to be handy for the crushing and processing of metal materials.

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