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What is a mobile crusher

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Date: 2020-12-05

The difference between the mobile crusher and the ordinary crusher is that it can be moved. This type of crusher can be applied to river pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, bluestone, construction waste and other materials. The process configuration is based on the nature of the stone. , Sand and aggregate requirements, site conditions, capital budget and other factors to determine.

Stone properties: choose sand and gravel aggregate production equipment from the convenience of hardness, humidity, etc.; sand and gravel aggregate requirements: choose appropriate equipment according to your own requirements for the particle size and quality of sand and gravel aggregates; site conditions: according to site size and site The environment selects the type of production line, and designs a reasonable production line plan; capital budget: select the production line output and equipment according to the capital budget.

There are two commonly used production line schemes: (1) Feeding + jaw crushing + cone crushing / counterattack crushing + sand making machine + screening + sand washing machine. (2) Feeding + sand making machine + screening + sand washing machine Choose suitable crushing equipment and sand washing machine according to the rock hardness and sand quality requirements. Sand washing machine is not necessary.

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