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The difference between mobile crusher and stationary crusher

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Date: 2019-07-30

The mobile crusher adopts the vehicle chassis device, which has strong mobility, can freely pass through the crushing site in various environments, and is suitable for the unfixed site; while the fixed type is suitable for the fixed crushing site, and the direct production in situ does not need to change the site.

If you are a fixed production site, there will be no movements in the future. It is recommended that you choose a fixed type, because in terms of cost performance, the mobile crusher is better than the fixed type in the crushing effect and application range, so in terms of price Slightly higher. If you need to change to mobile in the future, Shanghai Joyal after-sales service department will be converted into mobile according to demand, so there is no need to worry.
The mobile crusher eliminates the obstacles brought to the user by the crushing site and the environment. Because of its strong mobility, it can easily travel through the crushing site in different environments for on-site crushing. If you want to “break, sand, sift, transport” directly to complete the ore material fine sand making operation, choose an integrated mobile crusher is quite good. Moreover, the entire crushing process has not only a large amount of processing, but also a uniform particle size of the finished product, and a high level of gradation.

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