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Maintenance tips for roller crushers

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Date: 2019-08-07

Maintenance tips for roller crusher

  1. Check the machine thoroughly before running, see bolt tightening, oil level and lubrication.
  2. Check whether the equipment rolls are seriously worn and need to be replaced with new ones to avoid affecting the crushing effect.
    3, pay attention to cleaning and adding lubricants, need to be replaced in time after use for a certain period of time or deterioration.
  3. Check if the gap between the scraper and the roller is in compliance.
  4. After the empty machine starts without abnormality, the material can be discharged.
  5. Check the wear of the broken teeth at least once a month.
  6. A major inspection every year. The bearings of the motor, reducer and crusher roller must be removed, the waste lubricating oil in the crusher body should be cleaned, and the wear of the transmission components should be checked.
  7. After disassembling and repairing, when reassembling, a layer of sealant should be evenly applied on the joint surface of the upper and lower bearing housings and the static joint surface of the machine body to prevent oil leakage on the sealing surface.
  8. When performing maintenance, first cut off the power supply and hang up the inspection mark to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel.

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