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Precautions for use in roller crushers

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Date: 2019-03-04

The roller crusher is a kind of mine processing machinery commonly used in crushing ore processing. It has a large crushing ratio for the roller crusher and can be used for crushing processing of limestone, calcite and dolomite. For the roller crusher A very practical ore processing machinery. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is an ore processing machinery and equipment. Here Joyal wants to talk to you about the use of roller crushers.

In the process of crushing the ore by the roller crusher, the user needs to pay attention to the need to use the qualified power supply for the roller crusher, and to place the electrode without baking. When the electrode is lowered and the electrode is lowered, the electrode quality should be paid attention to within a few minutes. Move the electrode or not move the motor and take various measures to prevent the electrode from being broken. Once a soft break occurs, it must be processed immediately.

Users should pay attention to the sudden power failure of the roller crusher during use. Remember to turn off the power. Otherwise, sudden calls will cause unnecessary damage. After the end of the work, you should also organize things well, turn off the power and leave, so that you can develop a good habit of work, and at the same time can reduce many accidents.

Before the start of the roll crusher, check whether there is any ore or iron in the crushing chamber of the roller crusher. The roller crusher is not allowed to start with load. If the load starts, it will cause electrical trip or machine parts damage. Therefore, the crushing chamber should be inspected before the roller crusher mechanical equipment is driven. If there is ore or iron, it must be removed. start up.

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