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Correct installation procedure for roller crusher (a)

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Date: 2017-03-27

The roller crusher is a kind of ore crushing machinery, which is widely used for the crushing ores in the gravel production line. The crushing ratio of the roller crusher is large and can be used for the crushing of many different ores. The Crusher is widely loved by users. Here Shanghai Joyal mining machinery talk about the installation of roller crusher.

In the installation of the roller crusher when the user first need to draw the base line, the basis of the standard board to make a correct cross line, elevation line, the central target buried to achieve ease of use, and then began to install the base of the roller crusher, Find the base and tug of the installation location, leveling is positive, the first hole grouting, concrete to a certain strength, tighten the anchor bolts, review qualified, and then install the roller broken body.

The first roller will be mounted on the roller crusher body, the need to fix the concave connector to a positive and an anti-staggered configuration, and adjust the thickness of the horn, so that the contact between the roller and concave joints to maintain the corresponding gap, do not agree , And spot welding the joint head of the joint with the roller crusher body. These are part of the installation method for the roller crusher, and there are some installation precautions, in the following joyal and everyone talk about the Installation precautions of roller crusher.

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