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Commissioning of ore crusher before production

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Date: 2018-01-29

Ore crusher is used for ore crushing processing machinery and equipment, common ore crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, cone crusher and other crushing equipment. We all know that ore crushers need to be debugged before they leave the warehouse.Shanghai Joyal Machinery will talk about the commissioning of ore crusher equipment before they leave the warehouse.

General ore crusher factory before the factory has been operating for 8 hours at no load operation, the ministries are normal, however, in the crusher installed in place after the site should still be fully inspected. Check the contents of the main inspection ore crusher lube tube is connected securely, before commissioning should re-add oil.

Check the ore crusher parts connected, should be solid and reliable, carefully check the impeller for foreign objects, if any should be promptly excluded; Check the motor wiring is correct, the voltage is normal (380V ± 5%); in the installation of ore crusher belt Before starting the motor, the direction of rotation should be the same as the direction of the crusher signs. If the direction is opposite to the signage, the motor wiring should be adjusted so that it rotates in the same direction as the signage and never in the opposite direction.

For the dual motor drive ore crusher, ore crusher spindle assembly and motor on both sides, respectively, with the same number of triangular tape connected to the spindle assembly, both sides of the triangular tape tension adjustment should be the same and straight. After the inspection is correct, before the transfer of production, users also need to first empty load and load test, the test confirmed no problem after the production.

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