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Cone crusher adjustment sleeve loose reason (b)

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Date: 2018-02-23

Cone crusher is a very familiar with a crushing ore processing machinery and equipment, cone crusher a wide range of applications, can be used in the construction industry, road construction and water conservancy industry and other industries, as a large cone crusher ore processing machinery Equipment, is composed of a very large number of parts, these parts to ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher premise.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, Joyal reminder users in the normal operation of the cone crusher, the adjustment sleeve may appear loose phenomenon, what is the reason leading to loose adjustment? Here Joyal Following the above and we talk about the reasons for the looseness of the cone crusher adjustment sets are mainly.

In general, the maximum feed particle size of the cone crusher is 215mm. If materials such as ores larger than this particle size are put into the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, it will cause the cone crusher equipment to be overloaded during the crushing of the ore and increase the crushing load , So that the conical crusher adjustment sleeve of the relative lack of locking force, causing the adjustment sleeve loose, which is loose cone cone crusher adjustment a major reason.

In the conical crusher production process of feeding, if the feed is not uniform or the crusher to the funnel position is not correct, will lead to cone crusher unilateral stress is too large, in the cone crusher crushing ore Which led to loose sleeve adjustment phenomenon.

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