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Cone crusher oil leakage problem

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Date: 2018-08-07

Cone crusher is a kind of ore crushing processing machinery which is very commonly used for the crushing of ore. The cone crusher has a large crushing ratio and can be used for crushing of many different ores. It is the processing of ore in the gravel production line. Lack of. Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery here reminds the users of the importance of the lubricant of the cone crusher. Good lubrication can effectively reduce the wear and tear between the equipment parts, which is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. However, oil spills have also occurred from time to time.

It is necessary for joyal to talk about how to reduce the oil leakage of the cone crusher. First of all, to ensure the sealing performance of the cone crusher, the design of the seal structure is good, related to the sealing effect and the life of the seal ring, O-ring seal The sealing effect of the ring depends on the correct size of the mounting groove. The sealing ring installation groove is too deep, the compression amount of the sealing ring is not enough, and the sealing function is not obtained. Therefore, the sealing structure should be reasonably designed and processed to ensure the sealing performance of the sealing device is good; the sealing ring is properly installed to ensure the device is well sealed.

In order to reduce the oil leakage of the cone crusher, the user also needs to regularly check whether the filter of the cone crusher is blocked or damaged, and replace the oil circuit that has been kinked to ensure the smoothness of the oil return pipeline. At the same time, it should pay attention to cleaning the ventilating cover on the side of the drive shaft frame of the cone crusher, and use the compressed air to blow the long core hole of the ventilating cover on the drive shaft frame; check whether the gap between the inner wall of the oil sump of the main seat and the oil slinger on the weight body is It is reasonable to prevent the oil splashing between them from forming an oil seal, which causes the cone crusher to leak oil.

Generally, the lubricating oil of the cone crusher will be rubbed from the oil inlet pipe of the cone crusher into the lower part of the main shaft and rubbed by the lubricating friction disc. If the working pressure of the cone crusher lubrication system is improper, the oil will be ejected from the shaft gap, causing the oil to be densely sealed. The outer circumference of the sealing cylinder leaks downward, so it is necessary to ensure that the cone crusher lubricant is suitable.

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