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classification of jaw crusher

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Date: 2018-08-24

The jaw crusher is a familiar machine for crushing and processing of ore. The crusher of the jaw crusher is large and can be used for crushing of many different ores. The jaw crusher is very Important ore crushing processing machinery and equipment, Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery as a professional ore crusher machinery equipment manufacturer, here to talk about the classification of jaw crusher.

The jaw crusher is divided into two types: coarse crushing and fine breaking. The main purpose is to coarsely break the raw materials and prepare for secondary crushing. Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing hard or medium hardness raw materials. It is not suitable for crushing soft and hard materials. The moisture content of materials should be no more than 10%. The moisture content of raw materials is too high. Breaking efficiency.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the brick and tile factory should pay attention to two points when using the jaw crusher: First, before the material enters the crusher, the powder in the material should be sieved out in advance, which makes the utilization efficiency of the crusher capable. This is of great significance because these particles can fill the grooves between the ridges of the rafts, so that the effective height of the ribs is reduced, so that the material between the jaws of the jaw crusher is broken by pressure alone.

Another point to note is that the operator of the jaw crusher should feed the jaw crusher as much as possible to ensure that the material is applied along the width of the entire feed port to ensure uniform feeding. If necessary, special feeders can be used. It ensures the uniformity and stability of the jaw crusher feeding, which can reduce the wear of the jaw crusher.

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