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Why is the impact crusher plate hammer easy to wear

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Date: 2018-08-31

The impact crusher is a kind of ore processing machinery equipment that is familiar to the crushing and processing of ore. The impact crusher is a large-scale ore processing machinery and equipment. It is composed of many parts. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery A professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, Joyal  here and everyone talk about the hammer in the impact crusher, the hammer is a very important part of the impact crusher.

Some conclusions have been made on the matters needing attention in the use of the impact type crusher hammer. Joyal simply talks about the causes of the wear of the hammer of the impact crusher. Counter-type crusher hammers are strictly prohibited from being pushed down from the vehicle during transportation, and they cannot be pulled down from each other, which can easily cause the hammer to break.

If the hammer material of the impact type crusher is high-chromium cast iron or medium-chromium material, during the handling and installation process, it is strictly prohibited to operate at high temperature (electric welding, cutting), etc.; the counter-attack rock crusher checks the counterattack before starting the machine. Whether the fixing bolts of the crusher rotor and the plate hammer and the plate hammer pressing block bolts are tight, it is safe and reliable. Before the crusher starts, make sure that everyone has left and behind, or stand outside the safe distance to start the machine.

You should also pay attention to the use of the impact-type crusher hammer after one week, you should open the upper cover to check the wear and tear, in order to determine the inspection cycle. When any surface of the hammer is worn more than 60 mm, the upper and lower sides of the hammer must be changed. Turn the unworn side into a work surface. Special attention must be made to turn the four rows of hammers at the same time to prevent the vibration of the crusher caused by the imbalance of the rotor.

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