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Hammer crusher test machine sequence

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Date: 2018-09-26

Mechanical equipment can only ensure stable production efficiency after a reasonable installation test. For the crushing and processing machinery and equipment of the large crusher of the hammer crusher, the test of the crusher is also very important. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here  tells you about the order of the hammer crusher. And what are the precautions for the test machine.

The user needs to open the casing of the hammer crusher mechanical equipment, move the brick crusher pulley by hand, check the rotation of the brick crusher roller, and clean the surface of the roller cover; the user also needs the lubrication parts of the brick crusher plus Oil or grease, and check if the brick breaker circuit is smooth. Start the brick crusher after 30 minutes and check:

Check if the direction of the motor of the hammer crusher is correct; whether the hammer crusher has vibration, and check the cause, especially to prevent the resonance phenomenon of the brick crusher; check whether the safety mechanism of the hammer crusher is good and whether it is working well. Check whether the contact between the hammer mill scraper and the roller sleeve is tight. When using the gas scraper, check whether the air pressure meets the requirements.

Check if the hammer crusher is hot, such as heat, check whether the oil passage is unblocked, whether the bearing is centered, check whether the tension of the rotating belt of the hammer crusher is in a normal state; add soil for heavy load test, Zhuoya reminds everyone To check whether the hammer crusher is broken normally, if the discharge particle size is not satisfactory, it is still necessary to adjust the roller gap.

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