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How to choose ore crusher motor

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Date: 2018-05-28

The ore crusher is a mechanical device used for ore crushing processing. Common crushers include jaw crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers and cone crushers. For these ore crushers, The main driving force of the crusher comes from the motor, so the choice of motor is particularly important. He has a unified standard, so how to choose the crusher motor? Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is simple and everyone talks.

The choice of ore crusher motor depends on the power source and operating conditions. The user must pay attention to the requirement that the crusher crusher ore needs the power first. According to the design, the production output is 110-200 tons per hour, and the proportion of ore is 1600 kg per cubic meter, so the spindle speed is 250 revolutions per minute. .

The motor power required by the ore crusher is related to many factors, such as the specifications of the crusher, the eccentric shaft speed, the angle of engagement, the eccentricity, etc., which will affect the power consumption more or less. Taking a jaw crusher model 900*1200 as an example,Joyal’s experts obtained the power N=0.0114 LD based on the most widely used Vijard formula. The power of the main motor of the crusher is approximately 110 kw. L is the feed inlet length of the crusher, and its unit is cm, D is the maximum feed particle size, in cm, ie, N=0.0114×120×75≈110kw.

The ore crusher is mainly based on the electric motor to start and operate, and the choice of the ore crusher motor model is also very important. In the case of meeting the rated power, other aspects must be considered, such as whether the price is reasonable and the speed is standard, Joyal recommends the user. Choose JR medium-wound rotor asynchronous motor. This motor can drive a variety of different machinery, but also for coal mines, industrial and mining enterprises, so it is very suitable for the original driving force of the crusher.

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