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How to ensure the safe operation of the stone crusher

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Date: 2019-10-18

Stone machines often work under heavy load conditions and in dusty environments. To ensure the safety and reliability of the crusher during operation, each crusher must meet the following requirements:

  1. Safety protection devices must be installed in the transmission, feed and discharge ports of the crusher;
  2. To prevent the dust breaker from installing a reliable dustproof device and dust removal device;
  3. The construction of the crusher should ensure that all worn parts, especially broken parts, are replaced quickly and easily. The number of these components should be minimized, and the weight of each component should not be too large, and the shape should be as easy to manufacture and repair as possible;
    4, the crusher is best installed with the adjustment device of the mine, which can effectively adjust the size of the crush;
  4. When feeding, it should be continuously and evenly fed according to the requirements. The diameter of the largest ore block should be 10-20% smaller than the width of the crusher feed port.

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