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Stone Crusher dustproof work

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Date: 2019-09-03

How to ensure that the stone crusher works safely and reliably under the conditions of heavy dust and heavy load?

  1. The water seal dustproof device can effectively prevent dust from entering the friction surfaces inside the crusher.
    2, the use of closed dust source + ventilation and dust removal methods. This method is simple and mechanized, and it can also be controlled by long distances, which can effectively reduce and eliminate the contact between workers and dust.
  2. There must be safety protection devices in the rotating device, the feeding port and the discharging port of the crusher.
  3. Hydraulic dedusting of materials, humidification of indoor air spray and full water washing. The amount of water removed by hydraulic dedusting is more at the initial dusting point and the crushing point of the ore.
    It seems that the simple dust treatment work does not know how much technical content is contained, but if it is handled casually during the processing, it will not achieve the final good treatment effect. Therefore, in the process of processing, it is necessary to combine the actual situation and cooperate with relevant Use the device to get the desired results.

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