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Jaw crusher cleaning method

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Date: 2019-10-26

Everyone knows that the jaw crusher is always stained with oil, dirt and impurities. These dirty things are different depending on the type of impurities, and the cleaning methods are not the same. Therefore, you need to choose a suitable cleaning solution for cleaning. Shanghai joyal gives a simple explanation for the cleaning method of the jaw crusher.
First, manual cleaning: manual cleaning is divided into two methods of scrubbing and spraying. The scrubbing method is simple. Just put the equipment parts in a container filled with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning liquid, scrub with cotton yarn or brush with a brush, but this method is inefficient and only suitable for single or small batch parts. And not suitable for cleaning with gasoline. The spray method has good effect and high efficiency. A cleaning liquid with a certain pressure is sprayed onto the surface of the part to clear the oil stain, but it is not suitable for cleaning the complicated equipment.

Second, mechanical cleaning: mechanical cleaning is divided into boiling cleaning, vibration cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Boiling cleaning is to place a cleaning tank made of steel plate on the stove, put the configured solution together with the parts to be cleaned into the cleaning tank, and warm it to 80~90 °C with a stove. can. As the name implies, vibration cleaning is to clean the parts of the equipment by vibration. The parts of the equipment to be cleaned are placed in the cleaning basket of the vibration cleaning machine containing the cleaning liquid, and after soaking, it is cleaned by vibration. This method simulates artificial drifting. The chemical action of the action and cleaning fluid removes grease impurities. Ultrasonic cleaning relies on the chemical action of the cleaning solution and the ultrasonic oscillation introduced into the cleaning solution to remove grease impurities.

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