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How to improve the quality of cone crusher products?

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Date: 2020-09-19

Cone crusher is a crushing equipment often used in the fields of sand and gravel production line, mineral processing, construction, etc. The production quality of the crusher will affect the economic benefits of the enterprise, so how to improve the quality of the output product of the cone crusher? ?

  1. Choose the right crushing ratio
    The crushing ratio is the ratio of the particle size of the imported material to the crushed finished material. The smaller the ratio, the smaller the crushing ratio, and the opposite is true. Choosing a suitable crushing ratio avoids that the crushing ratio is too small, which will reduce the output of the entire system, increase the internal circulation, and increase the wear of the cone crusher; if the crushing ratio is large, the content of needles in the finished product will increase, which will reduce the quality of the product. .
  2. Feed size
    When the feed particle size is reduced from 100mm to 50mm, the content of needle flakes in the finished material decreases by 38%.
  3. Adjust the cyclic load
    In a closed-loop production process, if the discharge port is enlarged and the load in the cycle is increased, the shape of the stone particles will become better. In the whole process, due to the increase in the cycle load, the wear of the equipment in the system will increase. After the opening is increased, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the finished material will be better deformed.
  4. Choose a closed loop
    In the secondary crushing process, a closed loop is selected, that is, crushing first and then screening. Crushing first and then sieving means that all the first-level crushed materials enter the feed port of the second-level crusher, and then enter the finished product screen for screening after re-breaking. The whole system is a closed system, there is no loss of crushed materials, and the circulating load is large. , But the product shape is good.

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