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The maintenance of the jaw crusher liner

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Date: 2018-11-12

The lining plate is one of the accessories of the jaw crusher. It is mainly used to protect the jaw crusher. It is easy to wear and must be replaced within a certain period. Otherwise, the efficiency of the equipment will be reduced, the load of the machine will be increased, and the output will be reduced. . Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery reminds users that the lining is a wearing part of the jaw crusher. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the specific maintenance of the jaw crusher lining.

Properly reducing the surface roughness of the liner in the jaw crusher is an effective way to improve the fatigue wear resistance. The surface roughness requirements of the liner are related to the contact stress on the surface of the liner. Generally, the contact stress or the surface hardness of the liner is high. At the same time, the surface roughness of the lining is required to be low.

Tests on smooth surface liners show that under the same conditions, the productivity is increased by about 40% compared with the toothed liner, and the life is increased by about 50%; but the crushing force is increased by about 15%, and the crushed product size cannot be controlled, and the power consumption is Slightly increased. Therefore, for the crushed layered material, it is not suitable to use a smooth lining under the condition that the product has a high particle size. For the extremely hard material with strong corrosion, in order to extend the life of the lining, a smooth lining can also be used.

The lining used in the existing jaw crusher is generally ZGMn13, which is characterized by surface hardening under the impact load, forming a hard and wear-resistant surface while still maintaining the inner layer of the original metal. Resilience, so it is a common wear-resistant material used on jaw crushers.

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