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How to solve the pollution in jaw crusher production

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Date: 2018-11-05

Jaw crusher is the first choice for the crushing of ore in the gravel production line. In the gravel production line, the jaw crusher is generally used for coarse crushing of ore. Compared with the general ore crusher, the jaw crusher can be crushed. Ores with a relatively high hardness and a relatively large feed. The jaw crusher is in use due to the harsh environment of the working environment. Shanghai Joyal Mining machinery reminds users to pay attention to it, and it is necessary to pay attention to the dust pollution problem of jaw crusher.

In order to reduce the dust caused by the air leakage of the crusher casing, in actual production, when the material is dry, water is often poured at the inlet of the crusher. In fact, this situation is wrong, which will aggravate the bag filter of the jaw crusher. The filter bag and the feeder are clogged.

During the falling process of the ore and other materials on the belt conveyor, the air enters the sealed dust hood together with the material, and the dust-containing gas diffuses outside the cover through the gaps and holes in the cover wall. In addition, due to the improper setting of the dust removal point at the corner of the belt conveyor The dust collector has almost no effect on the dust of the lower belt conveyor regardless of whether it is opened or stopped. Since the operation of the jaw crusher, the dust collector has not been operated, and the lower belt conveyor has been in the process of dust pollution.

When the crushing material of the jaw crusher has a large humidity, the elbow portion is easily worn by the dust and the dust particles entering the dust collector are thicker than the broken dry material. The bag type dust remover is easy to paste the bag, and the feeder is easy to be blocked, resulting in blockage. The bag filter has a large increase in ventilation resistance and a decrease in ventilation capacity, resulting in wear of the jaw crusher.

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