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How to maintain the crusher daily

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Date: 2021-01-06

Crushers are often used in mining gravel, so how to maintain the crusher daily? Today, Shanghai Zhuoya will lead everyone to understand: (1) After the crusher is stopped, check whether the connecting bolts of each part are tight, and tighten the loose bolts in time. (2) The belt pulley is the power input part of the entire crusher shaft. During operation, it makes the crushing shaft have a larger moment of inertia and provides a lot of energy for crushing coal. Due to its high linear speed and incomplete material combination, there is a possibility of cracks. Therefore, during use, you should always observe the operating conditions and find cracks and replace them immediately. (3) The crusher is a great hazard to personal safety, so all kinds of crushers are equipped with a variety of safety protection mechanisms at the feed end, and crushers without safety devices are not allowed to be used. (4) Strengthen the maintenance of crusher equipment to prevent errors and prevent leakage. Since maintenance is not the main cause of equipment failure, maintenance work must be performed. Maintenance management personnel formulate effective maintenance plans for the mechanical maintenance manual, and check the implementation at any time based on the technical instructions with the machine driver. (5) Maintenance management personnel should grasp the situation in time, understand the whole, make a reasonable and detailed mechanical maintenance plan, make instructions and supervise maintenance business, procurement activities, and avoid unnecessary maintenance and cost waste.

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