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Cone crusher maintenance instructions

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Date: 2019-09-20

Cone crusher maintenance instructions

  1. Check the wear of the lining plate once a month, pay attention to the replacement in time, and the small cone crusher is in the anti-wear cylinder.
  2. When replacing the lining, check the wear of the lining and ribs. When replacing the bushing, it is also possible to use an epoxy resin instead of a zinc alloy as a locking filler, as this avoids the possibility of damage to the personnel caused by melting the zinc alloy.
    3, lubrication has always been one of the very important matters in the maintenance process, good lubrication can not only ensure normal production, but also reduce the problem of rust.
  3. The small cone crusher is not allowed to work under overload and insufficient supply. Regularly quantify the largest size of grinding media from the inlet hole to the cylinder (about once a week), and check the fastening of the liner every other month to prevent the liner from falling off. In order to reduce the intermittent time, a full set of wear parts should always be available in the library.
  4. During the production of small cone crusher, it must be ensured that the spring pressure cannot be too tight. Once the pressure of the spring is too high, it will easily lead to the occurrence of a broken shaft accident, and even threaten personal safety. If the pressure is too small, the spring will The constant beating will also have a great impact on the normal operation of the cone crusher.
    6, pay attention to the oil supply of the oil supply, lubrication is not allowed to interrupt, and the bearing temperature should not be higher than 60 degrees Celsius.

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