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Roller Crusher Routine Maintenance

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Date: 2019-09-27

In the field of many crushers, the roller crusher is a relatively long crushing machine. Its main advantages are also the main factors widely used by these people, such as simple structure, compact and light body, reliable work, low price, convenient adjustment and crushing, less pulverization during crushing, smashing wet materials and so on. After you have selected a high-quality and low-cost roller crusher, after installation and commissioning, you can put into production. Many users have problems during use, and never take care of their work. So how can we guarantee normal and efficient work on the roller crusher?

Therefore, daily maintenance and maintenance issues cannot be ignored. The main points of daily maintenance and maintenance of the roller crusher:
(1) Regardless of the manner in which the crusher is fed, a reliable rust removal device must be provided to prevent other chores from entering the crusher;
(2) Regularly check the condition of the discharge port, if it is found to be blocked, it should be cleared immediately;
(3) Check the oil level in the main and auxiliary transmission gearboxes to ensure sufficient oil supply;
(4) Start the crusher to reach the normal speed, and start feeding after no abnormality;
(5) We must control the stability of the bearing, the temperature rise can not be higher than the surrounding air;
(6) We should not overload the machine and pay attention to the electrical instrument at all times;
(7) Seasonal changes are likely to cause problems with broken equipment due to improper maintenance. In the seasonal maintenance measures, the main content of the customer is to replace the lubricating oil and fuel oil in the applicable season, take anti-freezing measures, and increase anti-freezing facilities.

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