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Installation method of double roller crusher

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Date: 2020-05-29

Double roller crusher is a crushing equipment for crushing medium-hardness materials and soft ore. It is used to complete medium and fine crushing operations. The general feed size requirement is less than 150mm, and the output can reach 2-140 tons per hour. What about installation? Shanghai Joyal is here to introduce you to the correct installation method of the double roller crusher.

The base plane of the two-roller crusher installed should be kept horizontal; after the machine calibration, correct the concentricity of the roller shaft and the reducer shaft, and then tighten the anchor screws, the degree of tightness should ensure that the working position of the crusher remains unchanged; opposite The distance between the two rotating rollers is determined according to the size of the discharge particle size. After installation, it must be ensured that the moving roller is parallel to the center line of the fixed roller, and its non-parallel deviation is 0.2mm per meter; after all the parts and parts are inspected, special Pay attention to check the axis of the active axis and the passive axis. The contact between the bearing housing and the frame body should be good. After the high-speed bearing housing is assembled, it should be flexible to move; the spring of the safety adjustment part must have sufficient elasticity to ensure the safe and normal operation of the crusher, and it should be adjusted to make the force of each spring Even; after the protective cover is installed, it must be well sealed. The protective cover should not collide with other parts.

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