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Installation process of ball mill liner

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Date: 2021-08-14

   1. Installation of rubber liner of ball mill

   First is the installation of T-bolts, including T-bolts, sponge washers, sealing rubber washers, U-shaped iron bowls, iron flat washers, etc. The steps are as follows: Put the T-bolt into the inner slide of the lifting bar, put on the round sponge washers, bolt seals, and bolt fasteners. After the T-bolts pass through the cylinder hole, they can be inserted in sequence. .

  2, installation of the end cover of the feed end of the rubber liner of the ball mill

To install the end cap of the feed end of the ball mill, you need to place the filler strip at the intersection of the end cap and the cylinder, place the end liner plate on the filler strip, and press the end lifting strip of the worn T-bolt on the end liner. On the edge of the board, put an end liner board, and fasten the nut of the T-bolt.

   At this time, you need to be careful not to lock the nut, and then repeat the above steps. After installing a part of the end liner and the lifting bar, insert the ear of the center ring behind the end liner and the lifting bar, tighten the nut, and then install the rest.

  3. Installation of accessories at the discharge end of the rubber liner of the ball mill

  The installation content mainly includes filling strips, peripheral grid plates, center grid plates, grid backing plates, center dischargers, peripheral dischargers, end lifting strips, etc. Installation steps: first install the discharger, lock the bolts, the installation of other components is basically the same as the installation method of the feed end, the difference is that the grid backing plate needs to be installed behind the grid plate.

When installing the liner of the ball mill barrel, pay attention to it. The liner is generally longer than the barrel of the mill. The installation workers in the mill install a row of liners. The workers outside the mill must lock the nuts in time. When the mill needs to be rotated, All bolts must be tightened with nuts to prevent displacement of the liner and lifting bars during rotation.

   Matters needing attention in the installation of ball mill liner

   Ball mill liners are all directional, so please pay attention to:

   1. Do not install it backwards. The arc length of all circumferential gaps cannot exceed 310mm, and steel plates should be used to wedge them where they exceed them and cut off them.

  2. The gap between adjacent ball mill liners shall not be greater than 3-9mm. Between the liner and the inner surface of the cylinder, an interlayer should be laid according to the design requirements. If there is no requirement, a cement mortar with a compressive strength of 42.5MPa can be filled between the two, as full as possible, and the excess part is squeezed out by the solid liner bolt. After the cement mortar has solidified, tighten the liner bolts again.

  1. When installing the liner with rubber backing plate, open the rolled rubber plate 3 to 4 weeks before installation to make it stretch freely; when using the rubber plate, make the long side of the rubber plate follow the cylinder In the axial direction, the short side is along the circumferential direction of the cylinder.   4. Carefully check the geometry of the liner bolt holes and liner bolts, and carefully clean up the flashes, burrs, and protrusions on the liner bolt holes and liner bolts, so that the bolts can freely penetrate to the required position.   5. The complete set of liner bolts should be composed of bolts, dust washers, flat washers, spring washers, and nuts; in order to prevent dust leakage, do not forget to use dust washers during use.

The above is the installation process of the rubber liner of the ball mill and the corresponding precautions. Understanding the role of the liner and the installation specifications will help you to choose the ball mill liner correctly, and avoid detours during the installation process. The correct choice of the liner is related to Installation is a guarantee to extend the service life of the ball mill and reduce the maintenance rate of the equipment.

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