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The role of ball mill liner

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Date: 2021-08-13

The inner surface of the barrel of the ball mill is generally equipped with various shapes of liner. The liner is the main wearing part of the ball mill, and its use cost is about 2%-3% of the product price. The performance and service life of the liner are issues that users are very concerned about. The performance of the liner will directly affect the performance of the ball mill.

  During the daily use of the ball mill, the liner wear caused by the irregular installation process often occurs, which in turn affects the production volume of the ball mill. In order to avoid unnecessary production losses, the liner installation must be qualified. This article shares the installation process and precautions of the ball mill liner.

  The role of ball mill liner

   1. Protect the cylinder and extend the service life of the cylinder

We know that as a large-scale mining equipment, the ball mill has a high price, high investment cost and inconvenient maintenance. The price of the liner is only about 2% to 3% of the price of the entire ball mill, and it is easy to replace, so the ball mill The first function of the liner is to protect the cylinder and avoid the impact of the material and steel balls during the operation of the cylinder and shorten the service life.

  2. Strengthen the rigidity of the cylinder to avoid deformation of the cylinder

  Because the liner is closely connected with the barrel of the ball mill, the rigidity of the barrel is enhanced to a large extent, and the premature deformation of the barrel is effectively avoided.

  3. It improves materials and steel balls

Due to the different shapes of the liner, including wave shape, stepped shape, etc., when the cylinder is rotating, with the help of the shape and friction of the liner, energy can be transferred to the material and the steel ball, which can improve it and give it Its certain potential energy and falling kinetic energy enable them to produce “arc-parabola” motion trajectory that meets the requirements of the grinding process, and impact and grind materials.

  4, play a role in grading steel balls

In the classification of ball mill liners, there is an automatic classification liner, which can classify steel balls of different sizes. The steel balls with larger diameters are concentrated on the feed end of the ball mill cylinder for crushing. For large materials, the steel balls with smaller diameters are concentrated on the discharge end to crush smaller materials.

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