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Introduction of feldspar beneficiation process

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Date: 2020-11-21

Feldspar minerals are formed uniformly and have stable quality. Potash feldspar and albite account for about 50-60%. Gangue minerals mainly include quartz, mica and iron-containing minerals. Generally, this type of ore deposits need to be processed by flotation to obtain feldspar concentrate. The main processes of beneficiation principles are:

Crushing operation:
The raw ore is crushed to about 20mm by coarse crushing (jaw crusher) and medium crushing (cone crusher);

Grinding and grading operations:
After being mixed, the crushed product is wet ground to -20 mesh in a closed loop operation consisting of a rod mill and a trommel, and then a cyclone and spiral classifier are used to remove fine-grained clay impurities at the level of -200 mesh to -20 mesh. -+200 mesh grade materials are sent to the flotation operation.

Flotation operation:
Remove impurities such as mica, iron minerals and quartz. In the first stage, mica is obtained by flotation with cationic collectors (mainly amine collectors) in a weakly acidic medium. Mica is purified by flotation and wet sieved with 80 mesh sieve. Wet mica with more than 80 mesh is sold to mica processing plants; in the second stage, anion collector (mainly sulfonated oil) is used to remove iron-containing minerals in weak acid medium ; Three stages, the separation of feldspar and quartz in a weak acid medium with a combined collector.

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