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Method for preventing crusher from blocking material

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Date: 2019-08-20

During the normal operation of the crusher, the material is transferred to the crusher equipment via the vibrating feeder. The operation is relatively stable. Only when an abnormal situation occurs, the material will be blocked in the machine cavity or other production parts. The material not only affects the production efficiency, but also causes material spillage or equipment damage in severe cases. How can we solve this problem?

  1. First screen the broken materials, pre-wash the mine, reduce the difficulty of breaking the materials, and prevent the entry of unbreakable materials;
  2. Check whether the operation of the eccentric shaft is normal after the equipment is running. When the sleeve is loose, the eccentric shaft will be stuck and the crushing work will not be carried out;
  3. Control the feeding speed and feed too much, which will cause a large amount of broken materials to accumulate in the silo, increasing the production burden of the equipment;
    4, pay attention to tighten the triangle, if it is too loose, the material can not be subjected to normal crushing force, it will be blocked in the crushing cavity;
    5, the production site voltage is too low, it will also cause blockage of materials.
    It is recommended that you adjust according to the specific production conditions to avoid equipment blockage and jamming, ensure the stable and orderly operation of the equipment, reduce the equipment failure rate, and save the production cost for the enterprise.

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