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Mobile construction waste crushing station turns construction waste into green building materials

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Date: 2021-02-22

Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Tire Mobile Crushing Station, Mobile Crushing Station, Mobile Crushing Equipment, Mobile Cone Crusher, Mobile Counterattack Crusher Manufacturer of crushers and movable jaw crushers. As my country’s modern urban civilization follows economic development, the deterioration of the environment, and the accumulation of construction waste have seriously threatened the strategy of sustainable development. The implementation of abbreviated strategy, and solving construction waste is the primary question at this time. The production of mobile construction waste crushing stations has immediately been widely used in the field of construction waste treatment in the domestic market. At present, it has been used in more than ten cities. The city has realized the development of resource utilization and reduction of construction waste, and solved the difficulty of siege of urban construction waste. Mobile construction waste crushing station adopts advanced The construction waste treatment technology of the United States, the construction waste, industrial waste residue, cinder, coal rock, slag, fly ash, building materials non-metal solid waste, etc. After the waste material is processed by the solid waste application process, various types of building materials that meet the quality inspection specifications can be produced. According to the different equipment configuration The effective utilization rate of garbage can reach 80-100%, no secondary pollution is generated, and the ideal effect of nearly zero pollution and zero emission can be achieved. Mobile construction waste crushing station is a transformation of construction waste from construction waste to recycled raw material recycling economy and low-carbon economic production and operation mode. change Turning waste into treasure and protecting the environment is the preferred equipment for the global development of construction treatment. Mobile construction waste crushing station, equipped with construction waste series crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, It has a lightweight and reasonable structure design and crushing performance; reliable and stable quality assurance, as far as possible to meet the crushing and screening requirements of coarse, medium and fine materials ; Strictly comply with processing standards. Move the construction waste crushing station and “move” the processing equipment to the demolition site and construction site to make it “Mobile processing factory”, thereby reducing environmental pollution and operating costs caused by multiple loading and unloading, transportation, and increasing the profit of resource reuse enterprises . Mobile construction waste crushing station is an effective way to realize construction waste recycling, create new resources, and protect the ecological environment.

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