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Operation and maintenance of cone crusher in mobile crushing station

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Date: 2021-02-18

Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Tire Mobile Crushing Station, Mobile Crushing Station, Mobile Crushing Equipment, Mobile Cone Crusher, Mobile Impact Crusher, Mobile Jaw Crusher Manufacturer. Today, Zhuoya Mining Machine will tell you about the operation and maintenance of the cone crusher in the mobile crushing station. 1. Preparation before starting (1) Wear work clothes, safety helmets, gloves, masks and other protective equipment. (2) Check whether the screws of each part are loose, whether there are obstacles around the electrical equipment, whether there are ore or debris in the crushing cavity, correct the tension of the belt, and all spring screws must be tightened. (3) Check whether the clearance of the discharge port meets the requirements. PYS-D1324 cone crusher discharge port clearance is maintained at 30-45 mm, PYS-D1608 cone crusher discharge port clearance is maintained at 13-15 mm. (4) Check whether the power supply is normal and whether the electrical protection systems are intact 2. In operation (1) When the oil temperature is heated to 25-30 degrees, start the oil pump motor for 5-10 minutes, and then check the working condition of the lubrication system. The oil pressure is 0.11-0.18Mp. Observe that the oil return pipe is normal and the oil quality meets the requirements before starting the main motor. (2) Check every hour that the temperature of the oil supply and return lines of the lubrication station does not exceed 50 degrees, the oil return is sufficient, and the oil level in the oil tank is normal. There is no oil leakage in the lubrication pipeline or the cone body of the oil pump. (3) After the crusher runs for 1-2 minutes without load, the belt can be turned on and the ore feed can be started. The ore can be filled. Pay attention to whether the ore is normal, especially the ore with a lot of mud and high moisture. Mine mouth. (4) Pay attention to observe whether the feeding chute, crushing cavity, and discharging funnel are blocked. Prevent non-broken objects from entering the crushing cavity. If any metal objects fall into the crusher, stop and take it out immediately. (5) During operation, always check the thin oil lubrication system to keep the oil level in the oil tank high. The output oil pressure is not lower than the rated oil pressure (0.8Kg/c㎡) and the oil return temperature is not higher than 45℃. (6) Check whether the equipment, dustproof water pipe and cooling water pipe are in good condition. Always listen to whether the rotating sound of the bevel gear of the crusher is normal and whether the motor running sound is normal. Observe the current of the main motor, it is not allowed to exceed the rated current, and the motor temperature is lower than 60°C. 3. Shutdown (1) When stopping normally, the ore feeding should be stopped first, and the main motor can be stopped only after all the ore in the crusher is removed, and finally the oil pump motor. (2) Carefully check all parts of the crusher after parking, and deal with the problems promptly. 4. Matters needing attention (1) Take care to prevent excessive oil pressure. If the oil pressure exceeds 2 kg/cm2, it will splash and hurt people. (2) During the inspection during operation, ensure that the coupling guard is intact to prevent the coupling screws from shaking off and flying out and hurting people; to prevent the joints from being stretched when the pressure is too high and oil splashing and hurting people. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of mining machinery such as crushing and screening equipment and industrial grinding equipment. The company’s products mainly include jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, vibrating feeders, vibration Crushing and screening equipment such as sieves, sand washing machines, belt conveyors, and milling series: Raymond mills, high-pressure suspension roller mills, three-ring micro-grinding mills, ball mills and other industrial milling equipment. Provide solutions: 400-185-0388

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