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The importance of correct feeding of multi-cylinder cone crusher!

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Date: 2021-10-15

As a multi-cylinder cone crusher for secondary crushing, sometimes even if it is full-load production, it still feels that the production capacity is not high enough? Then you need to see if the feeding step is done well. The following editor will introduce how to correctly feed the multi-cylinder cone crusher.

   1. Keep running “full cavity” as much as possible

   If your multi-cylinder cone crusher is “hungry” and “full” due to unstable feeding, then its product size, product rate, etc. will also fluctuate. The cone crusher with half-cavity operation is unsatisfactory in terms of gradation and needle shape. Shanghai Weili recommends: Users should try their best to ensure the full cavity operation of the multi-cylinder cone crusher to obtain better throughput and grain shape.

   2. Don’t feed too little

   Although it is said that only a small amount of material will not reduce the burden of the multi-cylinder cone crusher, too little material will not only damage the output of the product, and the grain shape will be poor, but also will have an adverse effect on the bearings of the cone crusher.

  3. The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center point of the cone crusher inlet

   It is best to use vertical baffles to guide the drop point of the feed to the center of the feed inlet of the multi-cylinder cone crusher. Otherwise, once the drop point is eccentric, one side of the crushing cavity is full with no material or less material on the other side, which will result in lower crusher throughput, increased needle-like products, and large product particle size.

   Fourth, ensure uniform feeding

   To ensure uniform feeding, to avoid the situation where large-sized stones are concentrated on one side and small-sized stones are concentrated on the other side. Otherwise, once the feed is uneven, it is prone to blockage, and it will affect the service life of the adjusting ring.

   Five, the feeding height should not be too large

  For the multi-cylinder cone crusher, the height of the material falling from the feeding equipment to the inlet should not be too high. If the feeding height is too large, the stone material will easily “rush” into the crushing cavity at high speed, causing impact load on the crusher, and the crushing force or power exceeds the design upper limit.

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