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Repair of the cracks in the cylinder of the ball mill

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Date: 2021-09-26

1) Cracks in the welding process of the cylinder

If the quality is unqualified in this link, it will directly lead to the fracture of the welding seam. If the processing time is delayed, it will cause excessive welding stress, which will lead to the appearance of cracks.

According to the analysis of the bending stress and shear stress of the cylinder, it can be found that the most stressed part is at the two ends of the cylinder. We should do a good job of welding this piece. The angular contact formed by the two appears at a right angle, and this part easily leads to stress concentration, and then breaks and cracks.

2) Cracks under working conditions

In the normal working process of the cylinder, once its bolts are loose or the liner falls off, it must be updated and replaced as soon as possible. If the treatment measures are improper and not timely, it will cause cracks in the cylinder, and then cracks will appear. After that, the measures taken should be clean and neat, and the next step of the work should be started after ensuring that the cylinder is in the correct position.

After the external welding process is completed, the root of the weld needs to be cleaned inside the mill, and welding is performed at the same time. The specific number of welding is about three times. For the welder, the welding process is in progress. In this case, the welding seam needs to be knocked, and the number of knocks is more than four times, which can effectively eliminate the existence of stress and ensure good welding work.

During the operation of the ball mill, due to many factors, there will be many failures. If it is not resolved in time, it will directly cause the production to be difficult to proceed smoothly. According to different failure phenomena, analyze the reasons and adopt correct and reasonable solutions to ensure the normal performance of the ball mill.

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