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What should I do if the bearings of the sand making machine fail?

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Date: 2021-09-26

In the long-term operation of the sand making equipment, the sand making equipment is likely to encounter bearing failures. Bearing failure means that it cannot work, so how to replace the bearing? The correct replacement procedure is a prerequisite for the normal use of the equipment.

  The bearings of the sand making machine are generally designed and installed according to the upper, middle and lower three-layer layout, and the three-layer bearings of the sand washing machine are all installed in the same bearing housing cylinder. Therefore, to replace the bearing, the sealing devices of all levels of the cylinder are completely opened. However, the rotor and the main shaft of the sand making machine are integrally installed, and the rotor assembly must be disassembled first before disassembling the nose tip of the cylinder body. The following is the step-by-step disassembly process.

First, open the upper shell of the sand making machine and hoist the upper shell to the ground for temporary storage (the sand making machine with rotary hydraulic cylinder device for the drum screen does not need to be hoisted, and the upper shell can be directly twisted to the side position without interfering with internal disassembly. until). After removing the upper shell, the rotor of the sand making machine will be completely presented in front of the maintenance personnel. Next, the wear parts on the rotor need to be taken out one by one. Since the wear-resistant parts such as the deflector inside the rotor of the sand making machine are in the form of a bolt-free clamping sleeve, the process of disassembling the wear-resistant parts is convenient. After taking out the wear parts inside the rotor of the sand making machine, the rotor wheel can be removed from the top of the main shaft.

  Secondly, after removing the rotor wheel of the sand making machine, the next step involves the disassembly process of the bearing box. The bearing box of the ball mill sand machine is installed from the bottom up. Therefore, maintenance personnel are required to remove the motor pulley and V-belt first, and then remove the sealing end cover from the bottom of the sand making machine. At the same time, the sealing end cover needs to be removed from the top of the bearing box. This process is relatively complicated and can be completed in a few words. The bearing box of the sand making machine is a key component other than the rotor. It is foolproof during the disassembly process. The various components must not be rubbed or damaged, otherwise it may be impossible to recover.

   At the same time, the daily maintenance and correct operation of the equipment are also very important.

  How to use bearings reasonably:

  1. Adjust the horizontal position of the bearing: If the bearing of the composite crusher is placed obliquely, it will cause uneven force on the bearing and accelerate the wear of the bearing. Therefore, the operator needs to regularly check whether the bearing is placed horizontally, and if there is a tilt, it needs to be dealt with in time.

  2. Bearing lubrication: Bearing lubrication is a common topic. We all know that if the bearing is not sufficiently lubricated, the bearing temperature will rise too high. The lighter one will reduce the production efficiency of the compound crusher, and the heavy one will cause serious damage to the bearing. Therefore, operators should not underestimate the problem of bearing lubrication.

  1. Adjust the force: By changing the support flexibility of the bearing seat to reduce the stress, you can add a rubber plate of appropriate thickness between the bearing seat and the support frame, so that the flexibility of the support can be increased and vibration can be absorbed The energy of the bearing will balance the force of the bearing and prolong the service life of the bearing.   4. Bearing cleaning: The compound crusher is a commonly used fine crushing sand making machine. In the production, the inner and outer rings of the bearing will inevitably generate a large amount of dust. Too much dust in the bearing will affect the production efficiency of the equipment, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

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