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The operation method of quartz powder mill

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Date: 2021-05-22

Today, I will introduce the operation method of quartz powder mill.
(1) Start

  1. Before operation, you must check item by item according to the inspection content, and make preparations for driving only after confirming that there is no fault.
  2. Start the oil pump first and check whether the oil flow at the lubrication point and the lubrication system are normal.
  3. After the lubrication system is normal, check whether there is any blocking phenomenon by turning the car.
  4. After all the checks are correct, the staff on duty shall dispatch the dispatcher continuously, and then the dispatcher shall dispatch the electric power to the dispatcher continuously.
  5. The operator can only start after the permission start signal is given.
  6. Boot up in strict accordance with the prescribed order. Start the hoist first, and then drive to the crusher. After the material is stored in the silo, start the analysis machine with no load
    Start the blower, load it after normal operation, then start the micro-grinding host, and start the vibrating feeder at the moment the host is started.
  7. At the end of each work, the vulnerable parts must be tested, and if there is a problem, the parts should be replaced in time.
    (2) Stop
  8. Before stopping the quartz powder mill, stop feeding the mine and close the water gate.
  9. After the ore in the belt mill is cleaned, it can be shut down according to the prescribed order.
  10. Shut down in strict accordance with the prescribed order. Turn off the feeder, and then the host, stop the blower after blowing off the remaining materials, and then turn off the analysis machine.

PS: After the hoist transports the material to a certain amount of silo, first stop the crusher and then stop lifting, this item should be changed by the storage amount.

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