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The influence of voltage instability on the movable crushing station

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Date: 2021-05-10

Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery Tire Mobile Crushing Station, Mobile Crushing Station, Mobile Crushing Equipment, Mobile Cone Crusher, Mobile Impact Crusher, Mobile Jaw Crusher Manufacturer. Everyone knows that unstable voltage will cause a lot of trouble to machine users. Let Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery take everyone to take a look at the unstable voltage and what harm it will bring to the mobile crusher. (1) Uneven discharge or even burn out the motor Users who have used the machine know that the voltage affects the machine. In the case of the crusher, the voltage is unstable. It will cause the motor speed to be uneven, fast and slow, and then affect the crushing effect of the material, resulting in uneven discharge , In severe cases, the motor will be stuck and burned out due to blockage. (2) Speed ​​up the wear of the belt. When the voltage is unstable, the tension of the transmission part is large, and the fast and slow speed can easily cause the belt to slip, thereby accelerating the speed of belt wear. Shanghai joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of mining machinery such as crushing and screening equipment and industrial grinding equipment. The company’s products mainly include jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, sand washing machines, belt conveyors and other crushing and screening equipment, There are also milling series: Raymond mills, high-pressure suspension roller mills, three-ring micro-powder mills, ball mills and other industrial milling equipment. Provide solutions: 400-185-0388

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