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Introduction to JOYAL Limestone Production Line Configuration

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Date: 2021-04-28

The crushing production line produced by Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery can directly process limestone. The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which can be directly processed into stone and burned into quicklime. Lime includes quicklime and slaked lime. Quicklime is generally lumpy, pure white, and light gray or light yellow when it contains impurities. Quicklime becomes slaked lime by absorbing moisture or adding water. Slaked lime is also called slaked lime. The slaked lime is prepared into lime slurry, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., which is used as coating material and brick adhesive. Limestone and lime are widely used as building materials and are also important raw materials for many industries. Limestone production line configuration list: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor several meters, dust removal equipment (can be added according to user needs). The limestone mined from the mine is sent to the silo with a loader and a car, and fed into the jaw crusher evenly through a vibrating feeder under the silo. After crushing, all the mixed materials enter the impact crusher for secondary crushing and shaping. The mixed material after the secondary crushing and shaping enters the vibrating screen for primary screening, and the unqualified large material is returned to the counter-breaking, and a finished material is screened out. The mixed material under the screen is fed into the second vibrating screen for secondary screening. The finished stones from the second screening are stacked on a belt conveyor. The particle size of the finished product can be combined and classified according to the needs of users. In order to protect the environment, auxiliary dust removal equipment can be configured. Of course, crushing limestone can also be crushed by a jaw crusher and a cone crusher. However, the investment in the cone crusher is large and the production cost is too high. It is not necessary to use such expensive equipment for easily crushable stones like limestone. For crushing, a solution like that with small investment and simple crushing configuration can meet customer needs, so it is not necessary to choose a cone crusher from the perspective of investment cost.

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