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Development of Double Rod Crusher

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Date: 2021-04-28

The mechanical double-roller crusher in Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery Crusher can be applied to mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, for various ores, rocks, coke, coal, slag, slag, refractory materials and other medium hardness The following materials are in medium and fine crushing operations. It has been put into production in the mineral processing industry as early as 1806, and it has been more than 200 years since then. However, because its equipment structure is relatively simple compared to other crushing equipment, but the performance is relatively stable, so on this basis, there are basically no large-scale improvements that need to be improved in more than 200 years, but it is still very affected in some low-demand production projects. welcome. In recent years, foreign double-roll crushers have developed faster than domestic ones, and the types are also very complete. According to the number of rollers, roller crushers can be divided into four types: single roller, double roller, three rollers, and four rollers; according to the shape of the roller surface, it can be divided into smooth roller, tooth roller, groove roller crusher, and double roller crusher. As far as the structure of the machine is concerned, most of them adopt new technologies and new structures such as automatic moving roller structure, hydraulic adjustment, oil-liquid control system and so on. The working principle is that the motor drives the fixed roller part and the movable roller part to rotate through the reducer and the V-belt respectively. The crushed material falls between the two rollers from the feed port, and the two rollers rotate inward synchronously, causing the material to be squeezed. It is crushed by pressing, rubbing, and discharged out of the machine through the lower part of the frame. However, the structure and control system adopted by each manufacturer are different and unique. my country has many years of experience in the production of double-roll crushers, and now it is a big country in the production of double-roll crushers. Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery is selling this product. Our products are of good quality and relatively cheap, so it is inevitable for the double roller crusher to enter the international market. In recent years, our double-roll crushers have been exported to Southeast Asia and other countries. At present, many countries in Southeast Asia have begun to take the fast lane of economic development, and have invested in some infrastructure such as transportation and construction. Therefore, the mineral resources Mining is bound to increase efforts, and the demand for double-roll crushers is also increasing.

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