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How to properly lubricate roll crusher rollers

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Date: 2018-04-16

Roll crusher is an ore processing machinery and equipment which is very common for material crushing of ore and other materials. The roller crusher has a simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, good work performance, and can be adjusted to the size of the roller. For the crusher, the roller is a very important part of the roller crusher and is indispensable for the processing of the roller crusher. Therefore, it is also a relatively easy to wear part in the roller crusher. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds users to note the roll crusher roller maintenance issues.

Roller crusher roller maintenance mainly depends on the lubrication of the roller, of course, to properly deal with roll crusher roller lubrication issues, Joyal and everyone talk about roller crusher roller is how to properly lubricate. Roller crusher roller bearings use centralized lubrication of glycerin, in addition, the roller crusher reducer gear oil lubrication.

There is a three-roll breaker in the roller crusher, which is a combination of a single-roll crusher and a double-roll crusher. It is also a simplified version of the four-roll crusher. Many domestic companies have produced this three-roll break, which consists of a fixed roll and two moving rolls. The moving roller is held by the spring to maintain the pressure and fixed working position. The fixed roller is driven by the gear by the fixed roller, and the moving roller is driven by the rubber tire.

The roller crusher is driven by a V-belt or universal joint coupling and can be used to adjust the gap between the rollers to control the feed rate and schedule. The roller crusher is mainly composed of a roller assembly, a roller support bearing, a pressing and adjusting device, and a drive device. The rollers of the roller crusher are important processing parts, and they are also the key points for lubrication of the roller crusher.

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