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Three crushing methods for mobile crushers

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Date: 2019-01-03

Mobile crusher is one of the important equipments for mine development*. The mobile crusher or crushing station of the quarry is an important project for the development of mining machinery. His main features are maneuverability, adjustable crushing parameters and large production output. It saves a lot of labor costs, saves energy and many other advantages, especially in the narrow mining area. Everyone should know that mobile crushers can break a variety of materials, and can also crush materials of different properties. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery and everyone talk about three crushing methods of mobile crushers.

Although the production method of the mobile crusher in the process of work is the same, the impact of each different crushing mode on the coal gangue itself is different. Today Joyal is targeting the crushing mode of the mobile crusher. The three major differences are an analysis. as follows:

Dry crushing; the texture of the material is too dry, a large amount of dust will appear when it is broken. This production mode will not be blocked during the crushing process, and the discharge effect after crushing will be finer.

Wet crushing; the material contains a certain amount of moisture, and a certain adhesive force will occur during the crushing process. At this time, if the operation is improper, the blockage will occur, and the discharge quality and discharge efficiency will be affected.

The hard material is broken; the working mode of crushing exceeds the rated hardness range. Under this working condition, the parts of the mobile crusher will be loaded, and the wear of the parts will be more. The use of the mobile crusher The working mode of hard material crushing should be used less, which is very unfavorable for the use of equipment.

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