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What are the wear conditions of ore crusher

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Date: 2018-03-19

Ore crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment used for ore crushing processing. Common crushers include jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher. Crusher is used to crush the ore. The mechanical equipment, ore crusher wear is more serious. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and everyone to talk about the ore crusher wear situation.

The natural wear of the ore crusher is caused by the mutual friction between the various parts of the machine during the normal use and operation of the ore crusher machinery, and changes in the geometric shape and size structure of the machine parts. This part of the wear is usually slow, the hazard will not be caused in the short term, users need to pay attention to the maintenance of the ore crusher.

However, due to the wear of the ore crusher parts, the mechanical contact gap between the parts will increase. After a long time of wear and tear, the components that should have been combined to work together will increase due to wear and tear. A good combination will seriously affect the production efficiency of the crusher equipment. At the same time, if the wearable device cannot be replaced in time, it may even cause damage to other components, resulting in a greater destructive damage to the crusher equipment.

Ore crusher belongs to the heavy industry equipment in the process of using the loss caused by the wear is relatively large, so the use of the crusher in the process we need to promptly all kinds of easy to wear parts do a good job of maintenance and replacement of bad components. Only when we find problems in the process of use and deal with them in a timely manner can we better ensure the higher efficiency and normal safe operation of crushers.

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