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Advantages of mobile crushing stations

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Date: 2019-05-29

In order to ensure the quality of our living environment, construction waste treatment plants are generally built in sparsely populated suburbs, which are far from the city, and some small companies, or carriers, believe that the cost of transporting construction waste is too high, and finally, construction The garbage is not delivered to the treatment plant, but is sent to some illegal landfills or randomly dumped in remote places. Obviously, this way not only makes the garbage not effectively treated, but also pollutes the environment, occupies the land, and affects people’s physical and mental health.

Based on various problems, Shanghai Joyal Machinery has launched a mobile crushing station, which can reach any position on the working site under any terrain conditions. This reduces the handling of the material and facilitates the coordination of all auxiliary machinery. It is very easy to drive the crusher onto the trailer and transport it to the job site. Because there is no need to assemble time, the equipment can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the work site, so that the construction waste is completely crushed. The mobile crushing station can achieve the three-way treatment of construction waste, namely environmental protection, harmlessness and resource utilization.

The mobile crushing station can crush the construction waste on site and transform it into new building materials. This gives the mobile crushing station a layer of protection in the market, and the disposal of construction waste is also less than a transportation cost, as well as dust and dirt pollution caused by the transportation process. Therefore, mobile crushing stations are also effective contributors to saving energy and protecting the living environment of citizens.

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